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With her love for opportunities to motivate others, Emily helps the Rhyme and Reason team bring your ideas to life through her dedication to the client experience.

Plan Ahead. Reduce stress. Increase success

With 2019 on the horizon (wasn’t it just summer time?), the importance of looking ahead has never been greater. The new year brings fresh opportunities to recognize the importance of planning for the future. As strategic conversations about financials take place, marketing and media often gets pushed to the side to make room for the […]

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Capitalizing on Capital Campaigns

At Rhyme and Reason, we’re always looking for new ways to help your organization reach fundraising goals both creatively and effectively. Whether you’re looking to refresh existing strategies or want to rebuild from the ground up, check out these tips on ways to increase donations in your next capital campaign. Show real life impact If […]

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Another ATL Dribbble Meet Up win!

The third time’s the charm! Another amazing ATL Dribbble event for the record books! For those of you not familiar with Dribbble (yes, that third b is intentional) it’s a social network where creative humans unite over their love of the wonderful world of graphic design, typography, illustration, web design and other creative mediums. Basically, […]

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Healthy Communities

The way we design for and build our communities affects both our physical and mental health. At R&R, our specialty is focusing on how to help communities market their amenities more effectively through beautiful designs and strategic outreach. From our experience, the areas that thrive tend to be the ones that create vibrant places where […]

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