Say Hello to our New Assistant Account Executive – Ashley Belmer!

I am so thrilled to join the Rhyme & Reason team as an Assistant Account Executive! I started as an intern, and I have learned so much because of the experience. Time goes by really fast! It seems like yesterday I was starting here as an account management intern. Well, as you can see, I am so excited that I haven’t stopped to introduce myself. So here it goes…

Hey everyone, my name is Ashley Belmer and I am a recent grad from Emory University. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature and African Studies, which likely raises the question as to how I ended up as part of the Rhyme & Reason Design team. Well, besides the wonderful women who I hope to emulate one day: Karen, Scarlett, and Courtney (not just trying for brownie points; it’s true!), I also appreciate and emulate Rhyme & Reason‘s culture.

While here, I have gained valuable hands-on-experience from juggling social media strategy to learning the ropes of client management. There is a team environment here where learning is encouraged and advice is always constructive. I am very fortunate to have been an intern here, and even happier to become a member of the team!

Get to know me in a nutshell:

  1. Traveling the world is on the top of my bucket list.
  2. I’m a foodie! I cook as well as watch, read, and sometimes even dream about recipes.
  3. I will always greet you with a warm smile.
  4. I always have the latest bestselling novel waiting for me on my pink kindle.
  5. Try as I might, I can’t cartwheel, so the ground is a close friend.
  6. There’s something so glamorous and addicting about advertising in the ‘60s. It may be just the Mad Men influence, but I’m hooked either way.
  7. Cheers to a sweet summertime. When the weather turns warm, you’ll find me scoping out vineyards.
  8. Born and raised in Boston, MA, I am a diehard Patriots fan!! (I’ll let you know how I feel about Tebow at the end of the season)
  9. I love sweet potato pie so much I can almost taste it.
  10. Like Karen, Scarlett, and Courtney, I share a love of moustaches!!