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Socializing in the name of business

Many companies today offer remote workspace options, promote social media connectivity and rely heavily on the conveniences of technology. From instant barista machines to video conferencing, grinding out the eight plus hours a day no longer requires landline phones, typewriters or snail mail. The water cooler has been replaced by instant messaging or inter-office “pings,” […]

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Just picture everyone naked…

As I stood waiting to give my seminar yesterday, my presenting past flashed before my eyes, from the Tropicana speech contest where at 12 years old I had no idea how red I could turn in less than 60 seconds, to my speech for National Honor Society where I fidgeted around enough that someone asked […]

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Obsessive Tweeting Disorder

A few weeks ago, I discussed my deep aversion to the world of social networks especially Twitter.  In the same breath, I also mentioned that I would be immersing myself into said world all for the good of Rhyme & Reason Design. At that time of my last post, I had no idea what I […]

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