The Client

Founded in 1951, the Delta Gamma Foundation fosters lifetime enrichment for members, promotes Service for Sight and partners with the Fraternity to ensure the future of the Delta Gamma sisterhood. Its dedicated members and friends ensure that the mission of the organization continues through philanthropic efforts, service initiatives and generous gifts to three signature programs: Service for Sight, Grants to the Fraternity for Leadership and Educational Programming and Grants to Individual Members.

The Sticky Wicket

Previously, the Delta Gamma Foundation hosted a Garden of Giving program at a Delta Gamma event in an effort to raise funds for its three signature programs. Through this program, the Foundation raised $128,000 in total, an impressive accomplishment, but one it hopes to at least double in 2018. To increase engagement and help foster a more evergreen giving program, the Foundation decided not to recreate the Garden of Giving initiative. Instead, they set out to establish a new long-term giving program called Delta Gamma Foundation’s Regional Race. In so doing, the Foundation needed to rebuild from the ground up to develop a logo, graphic assets and a donation-ready microsite in time for the 2018 Delta Gamma Convention.

The Awesome Sauce

The Regional Race officially began on June 28, 2018. Thanks to a sound marketing strategy and a dedicated giving plan in place, the Foundation was able to exceed their goals.

  • Full amount raised within one 36 hour giving period at Convention 2018
  • Surpassed goal of $175,000, by more than $100,000
  • Total Dollars Raised: $275,677
  • Winner of Best Development Effort in an Annual Campaign at the 2019 FFE Awards of Distinction.