The Client

Since its founding in 1895, the Fort Valley State University (FVSU) community has worked to illuminate the rich heritage, influence and educational opportunities offered by historically black colleges and universities. In the last 124 years, the school has adapted/tried to adapt this mission to apply to a diverse twenty-first century market.

The Sticky Wicket

Over the years, Fort Valley State University has experienced success and failure. As of late, it was not living up to its storied past and was losing equity in its brand. With the geopolitical landscape as it is and the education system changing, the University found itself in a position to re-evaluate its messaging and brand to change perceptions and push the institution forward.

The Awesome Sauce

Rhyme & Reason was tapped to develop a tagline, primary logomark and sub brand logo templates for FVSU that would change perceptions and increase awareness of the University as a growth-focused, innovative and success-oriented institution, leading the way for hands-on research in Georgia.

  • Unveiled on May 3
    • 223 likes and 97 shares on Facebook
    • 419 likes on Instagram
  • University leaders and alumnae championing the brand and ensuring consistency in the brand message
    • New brand integrated online and off
FVSU Mascot and student