The Client

In 1976, The U.S. Small Business Administration selected the Florida Small Business Development Center to become one of eight pilot programs focused on nurturing small business endeavors. In the 40 years since, the organization has grown into a vibrant statewide partnership with more than 40 centers and close to 250 employees who help thousands of Florida’s entrepreneurs and small business owners annually.

The Sticky Wicket

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Florida Small Business Development Center’s existence, and the occasion created an opportunity to look back on its accomplishments. In so doing, the organization wanted to create a website that would celebrate the past, present and future in an effective and shareable manner. Not to mention on-brand and on a quick timeframe.

The Awesome Sauce

  • The 40th site is helping the FSBDC create engagement with past, present and future clients.
  • The testimonial request form has been successful in developing more authentic content to increase positive awareness of the offerings.
  • Users are also staying on the site and browsing multiple pages for a minute or longer.