The Client

Looking to generate excitement for their Hometown Halloween celebration, our clients behind the Round Rock, Texas “Shop the Rock” campaign needed just the right brand message to engage the community.

The Sticky Wicket

As an inaugural Halloween-focused community event, the look and feel of the branding needed to establish awareness and encourage participation. The event organizers also needed dynamic marketing pieces to spread the word.

The Awesome Sauce

  • Attendance for the inaugural event exceeded 3,000 people!
  • Corresponding flyers and digital display ads positioned the event as “fun for all” and family friendly.
  • A branded water bill insert got the word out in an unconventional way to local residents.
Kristin Brown

"WE LOVE our Hometown Halloween logo. Stellar, so good, it makes me smile every time I see it!"

- Kristin Brown, Special Event Coordinator, Round Rock, TX