The Client

Downtown Round Rock was born from a Round Rock City Council-approved master plan in 2010. Since then, the community has worked to cultivate a vibrant, walkable and family-friendly destination for residents and visitors alike. In so doing, the area has undergone considerable changes in structure and planning to ensure a positive, welcoming experience in everything from parking to playing.

The Sticky Wicket

Having successfully established two premier events for Downtown Round Rock — Music on Main and Hometown Halloween — the City of Round Rock marketing team wanted to bring to a third signature experience to life, this time focused on holiday lights. Although plans for the lights were well underway in late summer, there wasn’t a name, branding or advertising materials in place to promote the event.

The Awesome Sauce

With a great track record of bringing community events to life, the City of Round Rock again partnered with R&R to develop a name — Hometown Holiday — a design (check it out below) and a variety of print and digital marketing materials to generate excitement and awareness for the first-annual event.

Facebook & Instagram Promotional Stats ($1,900 spend Nov/Early Dec):

  • 154,187 people reached in Round Rock/Surrounding areas
  • 302,002 total impressions
  • 36,000 people “took action” on the posts
Courtney Ainsworth headshot

"The Rhyme and Reason team was given the difficult task of helping us, the City of Round Rock, to sell a holiday light show that had never happened before in our Downtown. They literally created the dazzle and flair, complete with animated gifs that sparkled to life. We were able to package all the glittery designs and ads in our social promotions, printed ads and on our website. We love the variety R&R produced with every element being specific for the appropriate medium."

- Courtney Ainsworth, Downtown Manager