The Client

Kappa Alpha Order is a national fraternity that helps young college men keep a moral compass, develop personal values and create a clear path for a positive future, then gives them valuable resources to continue living a principled life long after college. The purpose of Kappa Alpha Order’s Day of Giving project was to create a cohesive and engaging giving campaign that would connect with new donors, reignite organizational passion among lapsed donors and help generate greater awareness around the mission and increase funding for the order.

The Sticky Wicket

As the first one-day foundational giving day ever hosted by Kappa Alpha Order, the Fraternity didn’t have a true barometer of how the event would go, what would work and how best to promote the campaign. So in essence it was less of a sticky wicket and more of an unknown opportunity to try a variety of marketing channels. And try we did — from printed appeal letters to 15-second animated videos, the order tried a little bit of this and a little bit of that to connect with the entire membership, from collegians to alumni.

The Awesome Sauce

  • Talk about successful! According to the staff at Kappa Alpha Order, this was not only the biggest one-time event in the foundation’s history but it was also one of the most engaging fundraising efforts that they had ever done.
  • The Order welcomed between 580 to 590 unique donors during the 24-hour period and raised more than $150,000.
  • Online and offline marketing efforts allowed the organization the chance to better focus their goals and work more strategically on outreach, helping to make the initiative, as they put it, “wildly successful.”