The Client

O’Daniel McDonald, LLC is a boutique Atlanta law firm specializing in business and tort litigation, contracts, corporate law and estate planning. With more than 30 years of combined legal experience, they provide efficient and practical solutions for their clients.

The Sticky Wicket

The firm is looking to evolve its brand in a way that is professional, conveys its business objectives and promotes a message that connects with lawyers, CPAs and other small- and medium-size business owners in Georgia — all while creating positive awareness of the firm.

The Awesome Sauce

  • A new, refined logo mark that speaks in a professional and strategic manner, highlighting the valuable, sensible and well-informed thinking that the firm uses to help clients maneuver through legal issues
  • A color palette that stays within familiar territory to ensure it remains recognizable yet still elevates the brand and gives the firm variety within which to work
  • With a focus on simplicity, the logo conveys that O’Daniel McDonald is a results-driven, trusted firm within its practice areas