The Client

The historic national leadership society of Omicron Delta Kappa regularly looks for new ways to engage their current members and recruit new ones.

The Sticky Wicket

An organization such as this lives and breaths on the active participation of its members and needs to keep communications fresh — from social media posts to convention branding.

The Awesome Sauce

  • Dynamic printed pieces that attract the eye with bold statements such as “Leading Today. Leading Tomorrow.” and images that encapsulate what it means to be in O∆K
  • Corresponding designs for online communications — social media graphics, e-blast campaign and pop-up banners
  • Targeted messaging that reaches their entire audience on various communication platforms — through the mail, an e-blast or social media interactions

"Omicron Delta Kappa partnered with Rhyme and Reason for the design and development of materials for our centennial celebration in 2014 and our membership recruitment campaign in 2014-15. The convention had great attendance and our membership numbers reached an all-time high last year. R&R’s award-winning work helped position O∆K in achieving our goals."

- Tara Singer, Executive Director, Omicron Delta Kappa