The Client

Residences at Mill 10 is the newest multi-family housing property in development by WinnCompanies. Located in Ludlow, MA the building complex site of Mill 10 was once the world’s largest jute-producing mill and during its 137 year operation employed many relatives of today’s Ludlow residents. This historical fact has made the building a significant part of the Ludlow Mills Preservation and Redevelopment Master Plan and therefore a prime space for community building.

The Sticky Wicket

Set to open in the summer of 2017, the new property is targeting baby boomers who are in the process of downsizing from their family home to apartment living. As this life change comes with trepidation and a wealth of emotions, it was important to WinnCompanies that a brand was developed for the community that effectively communicates the warm customer service, historical importance and welcoming nature of the complex.

The Awesome Sauce

Creating branding for multi-family housing properties is always a fun experience because we have the opportunity to establish the personality of the community through the logo. The Residences at Mill 10 mark took into account the older demographic for the product and focused on a design that was easy to read, friendly in palette and fresh yet classic in design. Still in the build out, leases have started and the potential new residents are excited for this new chapter of their story.

Full Color Primary Mill10 Mark