The Client

RocKeeper helps mineral, gem and rock enthusiasts keep track of their collections with its intuitive software system.

The Sticky Wicket

With an eye on creating awareness and encouraging use of their application as the preferred tool for managing collections, the company sought out new branding, a forward-facing website and an iOS app.

The Awesome Sauce

  • We developed a unique, easily identifiable logo mark, as well as a mascot, Rocky, to personify the RocKeeper brand.
  • A unifying design aesthetic for both the website and the iOS mobile app allows users to manage their entire collection online with a simple, easy-to-use interface.
  • The campaign won a Silver Addy Award.

"Rhyme & Reason brings a tremendous amount of creative energy and talent to any project, and they absolutely nailed the perfect blend of fun and function for RocKeeper. Their design excellence helped shape the layout, workflow, and marketing elements for the web site, and forced me to constantly rethink how to make RocKeeper the most fun, intuitive app it could be. I could not be more delighted with the finished product!"

- Mark Fenoglio, Founder & President, Rockeeper