The Client

The City of Round Rock created a vision for its Downtown back in 2010 when its city council approved a new master plan. Since its inception, Downtown Round Rock has played host to a variety of citywide activities and events, as well as helping create a more vibrant, walkable and engaged area for businesses, residents and visitors to enjoy.

The Sticky Wicket

Though Round Rock put its Downtown efforts into place years ago, there hasn’t been a cohesive brand or core marketing to promote its premier events. One of those events, Music on Main, has been a successful spring/summer concert series that draws regular local attendance. Despite this attendance, however, many residents still weren’t aware of the event, and the Downtown team thought a cohesive brand with branded touch points would help increase awareness and encourage action.

The Awesome Sauce

  • Thanks to the cohesive brand, additional print, digital and guerilla marketing efforts, Music on Main went on to see its largest crowd ever.
  • The Music on Main event and branding has increased engagement with residents and visitors — so much so, in fact, that its social media presence became an important tool in helping a teddy bear left at Music on Main find its home. This cross-promotional marketing effort received 15,000 views on a single video, 589 likes and multiple shares, comments and conversations.
  • After the enormous success of the inaugural Music on Main marketing campaign, Round Rock tapped us again to brand their new Spring Break Bash concert event, a week-long music series that leads up to Music on Main.
Kristin Brown

"I know we say it a lot, but seriously, you guys rock. All these options are really what we wanted. Bravo – Kuddos – and GREAT JOB."

- Kristin Brown, City of Round Rock, Special Event Coordinator