The Client

National fraternity Sigma Tau Gamma wrapped up a full organizational rebrand in 2016 and set out to carry it through to all facets of the organization, including their SAGA magazine. This internal publication is a key platform for members to share stories and stay linked across the globe.

The Sticky Wicket

Armed with a sleek brand identity and a distinct, focused strategy, the organization now needed to up the design factor of SAGA to ensure this vehicle for communicating members’ achievements was visually appealing and on brand.

The Awesome Sauce

  • The magazine debuted its new look in mid-2017 to a receptive audience, further establishing the publication as an important connector for the brotherhood and a crucial piece in the overall brand strategy.
  • R&R did a full layout of the publication to ensure continuity of design, as well as consulted on print specifications to ensure everything worked well when printed and viewed online.
  • An established initial publication design paved the way for future issues to get out the door quickly and efficiently.