The Client

REALITY, an initiative of the Schusterman Foundation, is a leadership development journey that takes place in Israel. The program is designed to encourage participants to explore their passion as global change makers and further the organization’s mission to repair the world.

The Sticky Wicket

With no shortage of fantastic anecdotes and impactful stats to share, REALITY needed a year-end report that packed a punch. It needed to fill the standard objectives of communicating brand objectives and crucial information to the Board of Directors and alumni while also promoting the organization to potential partners and participants.

The Awesome Sauce

  • An eight-page design that kept within brand standards but included enhancements to make it more readable and sharable in addition to conveying the right amount of excitement for all the great work this group is doing.
  • The dynamic cover design and each individual page layout functions cohesively, with infographics and other design elements making it possible to use each page as a standalone piece that clearly communicates important information even without the whole report.