National Nonprofits

The concept of a giving culture has been discussed at length in news outlets and boardrooms, but when it comes to giving back and paying it forward, national nonprofits have been focused on achieving those goals well before it was a pop culture conversation. But with more people talking, does it correlate to giving? Turns out, it does. Especially, if you’re like our clients who have planned, prepped, executed and celebrated communication strategies that speak authentically to their target markets, engage with them on their terms and invite them to be more than just dollar signs within an organization. Through tailored communications and a mix of digital and traditional marketing platforms, we’ve seen our nonprofit partners not only surpass their open rates, but more importantly double their fundraising goals.

Our Services

  • National branding and standards development
  • Foundation fundraising campaign  materials
  • Website design and development
  • Print collateral, direct mail, business system, signage
  • Magazine layout, design and copywriting
  • Digital and print annual reports

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Client Love

"We are submitting our first packet next week and are so excited to be using these amazing materials. The feedback has been so positive. Thank you again for everything you’ve done for us!"

- Maureen Walker, Director of Marketing and Communications, Gamma Phi Beta

Affiliate Groups

  • Fraternity Communication Association
  • North-American Interfraternity Conference