Meet Emily!

Image of a brunette with the words Emily Wack: Making Joyful design

Hi, I’m Emily, and I’m thrilled to join Rhyme & Reason Design as a Senior Designer. I’m originally from St. Louis, Missouri and currently live in Atlanta with my husband and dog, Shrimp. I graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Art History and the School of Visual Arts with an MFA in Design. […]

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The Art of Critique: How to Give Insightful Feedback in Design

Lexi giving Lauren feedback on color swatches

Giving feedback doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Giving constructive, creative feedback with clear, actionable items, well, that’s a natural skill for even fewer. Because Rhyme & Reason strives to foster collaborative relationships and open dialogue with all of our partners, we not only ask for your feedback, but we look forward to it! But if […]

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Meet Rosie!

Hey! I’m Rosie, and I’m over the moon to join the R&R team as a Senior Designer and Animator. While double majoring in Movement and Media Studies at Emory University, I co-founded the Alpha Nu chapter of Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority (and a killer dance team, Adrenaline). I kicked off my career in Film […]

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3 Reasons We Love Greek Conferences

Lizzy and Lexi post next the FCA welcome sign at the Fraternity Communications Association's 2022 Seminar in Cincinnati, Ohio

If you speak Greek (fraternities and sororities, that is), you likely know that The Fraternity Communications Association (FCA) is celebrating its Centennial this month. And you’re probably aware that the Rhyme & Reason team has shown up to FCA and Foundation for Fraternal Excellence (FFE) events for about as many years as we’ve been in […]

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Celebrate Along The Way

R&R Confetti Packets. Multi-color confetti and glitter exploding from two branded R&R packets.

Who Doesn’t Love a Theme? Every quarter, prior to our quarterly meeting, Karen and I pick a theme that we, as a team, can focus our goals around. We work to select something that everyone, regardless of role or experience, can champion and relate to. Over the years, we’ve had some that were aspirational and […]

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5 Design Ideas to Make Your Next Convention Smart & Beautiful

Planning a convention or conference is, well, a lot. Your team’s to-do list is likely a mile (or two) long with registration, travel and room logistics, packing and transporting supplies, communicating with vendors and arranging facilitators – we’re getting dizzy just thinking about it! And there’s still the matter of creating and marketing an experience. […]

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