The Client

Reeds of Hope was created to support vulnerable women and children and preserve families in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Through its three programs – One Thread, Lokumu and Kulea – as well as through local partnerships and donor support, Reeds of Hope is empowering the community through education, entrepreneurship and Christ-centered mentorship.

The Sticky Wicket

Previously, Reeds of Hope was functioning as three separate organizations under one umbrella, and their audience was not able to make the connection between all parts. By bringing together these programs, details and emotions, these separate areas have grown and become more efficient under one united name and mission. This further opened possibilities for the organization to ensure that women, children and families are succeeding in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Awesome Sauce

Rhyme & Reason Design was tapped to develop a logo and key messaging statements that would enable Reeds of Hope to grow and continue their important work. Through thoughtfully curated messaging, Reeds of Hope is now better able to empower and inspire while avoiding conjuring negative stereotypes and emotions towards those in need. A fresh and innovative logo design allows Reeds of Hope to further share their mission to support, care for and educate vulnerable families in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Reeds of Hope Reversed Logo on Navy
Reeds of Hope Reed Icon
Reeds of Hope Custom Pattern
Reeds of Hope Sub Brands
Reeds of Hope Alternate Color
Reeds of Hope Reverse Icon