The Client

SoftWright, LLC, a GSA Contract Holder, is the developer of the Terrain Analysis Package – TAP™– PC-based software. TAP™ is used by federal agencies, state and local public safety departments, energy companies, utilities and RF consultants to evaluate radio transmitter sites, predict radio coverage, conduct intermodulation and adjacent channel interference studies  and design microwave, vhf  and uhf links.

The Sticky Wicket

As an organization that sells tech-forward solutions for some of the biggest federal and public safety agencies in the world, it is essential that its digital footprint appears credible, trustworthy and smart. The TAP™ product itself is trusted by engineers who are responsible for critical communication systems. As global safety and communication needs evolved greatly during 2020, it became even more apparent that SoftWright’s web presence was not evolving at the same pace, making it difficult for the company to maintain its worldwide standing as a high-quality premier Radio Frequency design software provider.

The Awesome Sauce

SoftWright’s clean, modern and professional new website launched in November 2021 and has seen average visit duration increase by more than 50%. Thus implying that the sophisticated new aesthetic and user-friendly flow of information has directly impacted user engagement. The increase in user activity has also led to greater awareness of the product, the company and the overall value of SoftWright as a whole.

SoftWright website pages flat design
SoftWright website laptop mockup
SoftWright website mobile mockup

"R&R learns about our business and listens to our objectives before starting on new projects. The website design and implementation went smoothly and was stress-free with consistent communication and progress reviews. The new SoftWright website is modern, attractive and functional. Customer engagement is up over 50%! "

- Jason Burkholder, SoftWright, LLC