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Throughout the past decade, the team at Rhyme & Reason Design has enjoyed helping communities bring big, smart ideas to life through beautiful, branded campaigns. And thanks to these efforts, we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with some seriously magical marketers in cities across the country. In fact, these honorary unicorns of creativity are the reasons we decided to try a new kind of rhyme. So get ready to pop the confetti and celebrate people and places that make campaigns rock.

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Episode #3

A New Kind of R&D

Christopher Pike, City of South Fulton, Georgia

As the Economic Development Administrator at the City of South Fulton, Christopher Pike is learning a thing or three about what it takes to develop a city from the ground up, including a whole new kind of R&D.

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Episode #2

The End of the Oregon Trail

Kristin Brown, Oregon City, Oregon

Ever wonder what happens if your oxen successfully forged the river? Our friend, Kristin Brown can tell you. In fact, as the newest Community Communications Coordinator for the City of Oregon City, she is a wealth of knowledge about the Pac Northwest.

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Episode #1

Donut You Wish You Thought of This

Courtney Ainsworth, Round Rock, Texas

The City of Round Rock, Texas has a lot more than a big rock going for it. In fact, if you were to ask Courtney Ainsworth, Communications and Marketing Specialist for the City, which we did, you’d discover that success runs on big donuts and bigger ideas.

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Episode #0

Woot! Hear it is.

Welcome to Campaigns & Confetti

Sit down and grab a cupcake, this intro will share the rhyme and the reason behind why we decided to give this whole podcasting thing a go.

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