Creative Messaging In The Time Of COVID

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Before the world turned upside down, we were creating marketing materials to live on multiple mediums, that spoke to a variety of markets about a myriad of topics. But since March, we’ve all been focused on one main topic: the Novel Coronavirus, aka Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, aka The Rona, aka a pandemic by any other name would still be awful.

Emotionally, we’ve all been going through something akin to the grieving process (see this article and this one) and because grief is different for everyone, we’ve all been handling it differently.

Not to mention, we’ve been physically cooped up with no place to go except for the depths of the internet, leaving us to search at our own peril and consume content at an unprecedented rate (yup, this article too).

When you combine a hyperfocus on one topic, devastated communities and forced-to-be “captive” audiences, communication efforts have to shift and quickly at that. Within a span of a few days, drip campaigns were pulled off cruise control, fine lines were drawn on funny and tolerance was not made for tones that were deaf. As marketers, we all had to stop selling and instead had to start feeling. We have re-evaluated what is appropriate, helped to educate when needed and led with empathy each step of the way.

The below are a few examples of digital work we created for our clients over the last four to six weeks. These materials are designed to engage communities and constituents in an informative, yet approachable manner, while upholding the individual organization’s brand and values.

City of Round Rock, Texas | Social Posts and Coloring Sheet

COVID Social Posts

Coloring Sheet














Visit Lake Oconee, Georgia | Bingo Card, Scavenger Hunt and Word Search

Greene County Bingo Card


Greene County Word SearchGreene County Scavenger Hunt



Visit Georgetown, Texas | Web Banners

Web Banner

Local Yum Ad