Meet Lizzy!

Lizzy Danko fluent in all things Greek

Hi there! I’m Lizzy and I’m thrilled to join the R&R team as an Account Executive. Upon graduating with dual degrees in Marketing and Graphic Design from Bowling Green State University, I kicked off my career with a focus in the non-profit sector, and found a passion working with Greek organizations. I have had the privilege of working with wonderful organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation, and have been a development consultant to numerous universities across the United States. It was my deep creative roots and craving for a new challenge that brought me to the Rhyme & Reason team.

Fun Facts:

  • I can often be found scouring a thrift store or estate sale for another totally-not-needed-but-still-fabulous vintage handbag.
  • My personal goal this year is to read a stack of books as tall as I am — 5ft to be precise. I’m currently just above my knees.
  • I am constantly looking up new recipes to try and share with friends. In Lizzy-language, “Are you hungry?” translates to “I care about you.”