Account Director seeking Coffee Shop in Orlando Area For Long Hours of Companionship

Time: 4AM

Subject: We regret to inform you we have ground our last coffee bean

I was contemplating having my eyes checked except I already wear glasses, so I knew what I read was indeed true.

Only two weeks after I waxed poetic about my barista knowing my name, the comraderie of the regulars and went as far as to suggest that “Goldilocks” had found her “just right” my beloved coffee shop sends me a “Dear John, find a new place to brew your Joe” email.

The email came on Monday – I haven’t left the house since.  You can say I am in mourning, but let’s be honest it comes down to the fact that I am not ready to jump back in to the game.  You see the Coffee Café spoiled me with their friendly baristas, comfy chairs and access to potential clients looking for Rhyme & Reason Design to develop websites, branding strategies and collateral.  The thought of having to venture out to the world of potentially bad skinny vanilla lattes, uncomfortable seating and possibly unfriendly clientele has me debating the pros and cons of finding a coffee shop matchmaker.

Seeing as I haven’t found any versions or e-harmony personality quizzes for coffee shops I am guessing a matchmaker is out of the question.  However, if anyone knows of a shop in Orlando that would be a perfect fit for a bubbly account director of a website, branding and collateral design firm, I am open to suggestions.