Business savvy meets cafe latte

As of late, coffee shops have become the new golf courses for signing contracts and generating business.  The right shop complete with comfy couches and inviting accents can allow for the same relaxed environment and easy-going conversation of the fairway, without the added cost of the membership fee and the 6am tee time.   Much like a golf course, each coffee shop is different from the next and the clientele that frequent a given shop can be as varied as the orders themselves.  It is this degree of difference that can change a tall non-fat vanilla latte and the newspaper into a tall non-fat vanilla latte and an impromptu business meeting.

Now as our loyal followers, you all know that Rhyme & Reason Design functions in the virtual workspace and therefore, allows each partner the flexibility to work from any venue she so chooses.  Since we still aren’t quite sure what a 5-iron does, can’t log on to the Internet from the sand-trap on hole 8 and have a hard time simultaneously sending an email and driving a golf cart, we figured the golf course would bring very little return on investment.  Although our abilities on the well-manicured greens are less than to be desired, we are practically the Tiger Woods of coffee houses.  We know exactly what two shots of espresso will do, we know the best seat in the house for the fastest Wi-Fi connection and multitasking with a caffeine-laden beverage in our hand is a walk in the park.

Remember how I said earlier that coffee shops are as varied as their drink offerings and clientele, well Rhyme & Reason, has had the pleasure of finding out just how different they really are.  Much like Goldilocks, the three of us have ended up conducting our own coffee shop rating system and in the process have found that the business world is alive, well and highly caffeinated.  Interest percolated? Check back in the next two weeks to see how the business-savvy in Atlanta, Orlando and Tampa take their coffee.