Poolside Podcasts

Woman floating in a tube on the water

Whether you’re taking a cross-country road trip or simply catching some rays at the nearest pool, we’ve rounded up the best podcasts to keep you on the edge of your seat (or towel)!

For fans of NPR’s TinyDesk, backstage passes, and old school VH1:


If your road trip games are less spotting license plates and more “name that song,” this one’s for you. Host Yasi Salek dives into what makes some of our favorite cult bands oh so good. From Steely Dan to Lil’ Kim, Bandsplain is a music + talk show, which means listeners get to enjoy some of their favorite songs (the whole thing, not just snippets) in between interesting trivia, behind the scenes stories, revelations and more.

Available on: Spotify

For fans of Googling everything, origin stories and fine details:

99% Invisible

This one’s for everyone who’s curious about the “whys” all around us, especially as they relate to design and architecture. Think: Why did Sigmund Freud use a couch instead of an armchair? Why are there so many inflatable men at used car lots? This scratches information itches you didn’t even know you had. And if you can’t get enough: host Roman Mars and producer Kurt Kohlstedt have published a beautifully illustrated book covering many of the episodes and beyond.

Available on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Radiotopia, Stitcher and more.

For fans of social media trends, Sex and the City, and advice from your bestie:

Crying in Public

Equal parts girl-talk and a serious look at the effects of everyone being online all the time: Hosts and NYC residents Sydni and Sarah dive into what it’s like growing up in a time where there’s no distinction between what’s public and what’s private. If you’ve ever debated the pros and cons of Facetune or felt like cutting the virtual tether and deleting all your accounts (but then didn’t because FOMO), this podcast will help you realize that we’re all sort of struggling behind our screens. Don’t worry, tissues not required.

Available on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts

For fans of Bill Nye the Science Guy, life hacks, and falling down a Wikipedia rabbit hole:


If science wasn’t your jam in high school, don’t let that stop you from tuning into Ologies, largely in part due to host Ali Ward’s delightful interviews with real live -ologists of all sorts, but also because this podcast runs the gambit of topics ranging from biology, if that’s your kind of thing, to proptology (theatre & film props), paleontology (you know this one, Jurassic Park fans), and phonology (the study of linguistics). At first you might wonder, “Who cares about dendrology?” (Hint: It’s the study of trees). And then you’ll realize the answer is you do, because this stuff is fascinating!

Available on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and more.