The Client

In 1956, Alpha Phi was one of the first women’s fraternities to establish a foundation. Demonstrating the philanthropic spirit of love and charity intended by their founders, the foundation was created as a trust to award grants specifically for scholarship and cardiac aid. Today, Alpha Phi Foundation remains true to these priorities.

The Sticky Wicket

Alpha Phi Foundation’s website offered a vast amount of content and abundant resources with valuable information. However, the user experience and navigation made finding this critical material far too difficult. Additionally, the site was not responsive and was surviving on an outdated CMS platform, making internal updates difficult. Plus, like many organizations, the foundation realized that connecting with younger alumnae required an enhanced aesthetic and messaging that would engage members in the right manner, at the right time, on the right device.

The Awesome Sauce

The site, which launched in late summer/early fall 2017, has helped usher in a new marketing aesthetic for the foundation, creating an image that is both modern and classic. A revised site plan helped enhance the user experience, putting important and timely information front and center. Calls to action are highly visible and remind members why it’s important to support the organization. From design to development, the new site has made supporting and participating in Alpha Phi Foundation activities easier and more engaging across every demographic.

Every year, Alpha Phi Foundation releases a donor impact report, showcasing the immense passion and support of Alpha Phis around the world. This report gives the Foundation an opportunity to share success stories, financials and say thank you to its hundreds of donors.

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