The Client

Nestled just north of Atlanta, Annandale Village is the only non-profit residential community in the entire southeastern United States that serves adults with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries at all levels of care throughout an individual’s lifetime. Their mission is to give their residents, lovingly referred to as Villagers, a space to maximize their abilities and maintain their independence in the least restrictive environment.

The Sticky Wicket

The 2021 Annual Report brought a new set of challenges compared to reports from years’ past. The pandemic and all the accompanying complications that came with it, meant a major overhaul in the way Annandale provided care to their Villagers and how they appealed to donors. As such, it was crucial to intentionally define a way to highlight all that Annandale has offered their Villagers while navigating through one of the most significant challenges since their founding in 1969.

The Awesome Sauce

Early conversations about struggles and setbacks revealed an opportunity to change perspectives and showcase the community’s enduring strength.

The theme, Stories of Resilience, was a testament to all that Annandale Village offered their Villagers, even with all of the complications of a global pandemic.

Infographics and figures that were previously relied upon to illustrate the year’s activities now required additional context provided by testimonials and quotes. We maintained brand consistency by using Annandale’s existing fonts and colors, but we introduced a chalky script font that spoke to Annandale’s resilient spirit and grit through a trying year.

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