The Client

CONA Services is a solutions-focused IT and service-based business that provides participating North American Coca-Cola bottlers a common set of processes, data standards, manufacturing and customer innovation tools to ensure bottlers can optimally run their daily business and refresh the world.

The Sticky Wicket

Three years ago, CONA Services was a brand new entity created by Coca-Cola Bottlers for Coca-Cola Bottlers. Since then, the organization has grown up, developing an unparalleled IT and user experience platform, while innovating solutions to ensure greater opportunities for bottler success. The organization’s year-over-year advancements warranted a new digital presence to creatively show why and how they are the top-rated solution and IT service provider for bottlers and establish CONA Services as a forward-thinking business.

The Awesome Sauce

  • The new website design has led to an increase in internal and external brand cohesion.
    • The design of the website was embraced company-wide and marketing materials—from print to digital—are being unified to ensure continued brand consistency.
    • Weekly HTML eblasts were developed to match the new design.
    • The Internal Resource Site aesthetic was updated to match the new visual identity.
  • Video assets were created to complement the new digital presence, enabling the organization to better educate potential clients and employees of the innovative work being conducted from CONA headquarters to bottling plant.