The Client

Delta Delta Delta has created leaders and innovators for more than 130 years since its founding in 1888. What started with friendship soon blossomed into a premier organization for women of achievement, holding a high standard of excellence for everyone who joins. Tri Delta is a strong, purposeful group committed to empowering women of all ages to be the best versions of their brave, bold and kind selves.

The Sticky Wicket

With chapters for both collegiate and alumnae members across North America, Tri Delta was in need of an improved digital presence to act as an informational resource for collegiate members, parents looking to learn about the membership process and seasoned sisters wanting to connect. The new website needed to illustrate the organization’s dedication to developing strong women, not only throughout their undergraduate years, but also through developing programs promoting growth in all areas of life beyond graduation.

The Awesome Sauce

The Rhyme & Reason team worked to create a clean and modern site design that also conveys the knowledge and experience the Tri Delta community can offer its members. Additionally, the updated look further serves members with a key touch point to invest in the future of Tri Delta through Tri Delta’s Foundation, either through a donation of time or a financial contribution. Now, Tri Delta’s online presence mirrors the organization’s intention to move membership forward and facilitate the growth of its current members and alumnae.

Tri Delta website flat page layouts
TriDelta Website Scholarships Page on computer screen
TriDelta Website Home Page mobile mockup
Tri Delta Chapter website designs