The Client

WinnCompanies is the fifth largest multifamily property manager in the United States. A leader in affordable and privatized military housing, the company has become known as a creator and champion of the best possible living communities in 22 states and DC. Since its founding in 1971, the organization has earned a national reputation for award-winning excellence in real estate development and continues to act on its commitment to make positive contributions to the communities where they work and live.

The Sticky Wicket

Back in 2016, WinnCompanies was in need of a nimble creative partner to help develop thoughtful brands for multiple upcoming properties. Based on conversations with the Winn team, it was determined that they needed from a long-term relationship with an agency who could seamlessly integrate with their process and elevate the logo experience while working with modified timelines.

The Awesome Sauce

To ensure that we would be an ideal partner, WinnCompanies tapped us to design a logo and develop a tagline for a forthcoming mill turned multi-family housing complex. The Yarn Works experience resulted in some big heart eyes and design love for the brand and was the start of a beautiful creative relationship. In the five years since our first project, our teams have worked together to develop a strong, trusted collaborative process for a myriad of successful multi-family property brands.

Village at Brookline

Located in Brookline, Massachusetts, Village at Brookline is the second Winn-owned property ever and is a flagship location for WinnCompanies. With fully renovated apartments, Village at Brookline offers residents the best of urban amenities in one of the most desirable locations in the Greater Boston area.

Taking a cue from the interior designs and the re-envisioned identity, R&R developed a sleek, timeless mark that speaks directly to the young, professional target market who are seeking an affordable community where they can enjoy the city life and keep the creature comforts of a neighborhood.

WinnCompanies - Village at Brookline logo, two-color reverse on charcoal background
WinnCompanies - Village at Brookline wordmark on orange
WinnCompanies - Village at Brookline icon on grey
WinnCompanies - Village at Brookline logo on mug
WinnCompanies - Village at Brookline logo on window

The Watson

The Watson is a “Class A,” affordable apartment community located in Quincy, Massachusetts. Named for Thomas A. Watson, an assistant to Alexander Graham Bell and, most notably, the recipient of the first phone call, it has a proud namesake to live up to and an entrepreneurial spirit to feed. Watson was also the founder of the Fore River Ship and Engine Building Company, which is located across the street from the new luxury living community.

The logo mark, patterns, signage and brochure, were crafted to visually establish a high-quality, high-value feel. The ship wheel icon, which harkens back to the history of the land and the original owner, encourages the viewer to navigate towards their future. The joyful juxtaposition of san serif and serif fonts allows for a modern twist on the mark, helping to establish a progressive brand that inspires a delightful live/play experience

Winn - Watson logo, two-color reverse on charcoal
Winn - Watson one-color logo on aqua
Winn - Watson icon
Winn - Watson brochure
Winn - Watson brochure, detail
Winn - Watson building exterior
Winn - Watson brochure full, unfolded

Alice G. Winn Heritage House

One of the company’s earliest properties, the Heritage House, located in Newburyport, Massachusetts was tapped to undergo a name change and an enhancement of its product offerings.

The senior living facility was the first venture in a housing-based healthcare partnership that gives residents access to health care providers on property. In addition to introducing the new, innovative concept, the Heritage House was renamed the Alice G. Winn Family & Heritage House after Gil Winn’s late mother— both honoring the past and creating a legacy for the future.

The new brand was intentionally created to celebrate the life of Alice G. Winn, while conveying the high quality of life and supportive environment residents can enjoy through the new coordinated housing-based health care services. The mark features a monogramed stamp, a Stargazer Lily (a favorite flower of Alice’s) and a font as bold and bright as Alice herself.

WinnCompanies - Alice G. Winn Heritage House logo, two-color reverse on navy
Winn-HeritageHouse-logo on card
Winn-HeritageHouse-logo on tote bag