Nature’s Turf

How We Helped

  • Ad campaign
  • Branding
  • Digital advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Environmental graphics
  • Giphy stickers
  • Social media marketing
  • Swag
Man crouching on green grass with lawn sign

Lawn and Pest Professionals

Nature’s Turf is a family-owned and operated lawn and pest control company committed to serving thousands of customers throughout Metro Atlanta. Since 1977, the Nature’s Turf team has consisted of dedicated lawn professionals. In 2021, they expanded their business to include home pest control with a goal of helping clients find custom treatment plans for both lawn and pest services.

Two Nature's Turf staff members posing next to company truck

R&R did what?

After partnering with Rhyme and Reason in 2013 to modernize their historic lawn care brand, Nature’s Turf returned in 2021 with a need to improve brand awareness and marketing strategies for their lawn care offerings. Additionally, assistance was needed for the creation and launch of their new service offering, Nature’s Turf Pest Control.

Instagram mock up with additional ad screenshots
Mobile mock up of eblast template

Nature’s Turf Pest Control built awareness among current Nature’s Turf Lawn Care customers through monthly direct mail postcards, targeted eblasts, door hangers and social media posts.

Three Nature's Turf postcards showcasing different designs
Smiling employee wearing Nature's Turf shirt

Turf Team Pride

Specialty marketing materials were created for internal use to help team members increase pride in the organization as a whole, including business cards, e-signatures and sweatshirts.

The Results

The materials created have enabled the Nature’s Turf team to educate and engage their audience through eye-catching and branded designs. Since their creation in 2023, the suite of branded Giphy stickers has seen 386.4K views, successfully engaging social media viewers. Additionally, monthly eblasts saw a 56% open rate in 2023, well above industry standards, showing content is valuable to their subscribers. Nature’s Turf has developed into a unified and recognizable brand, offering a welcoming and helpful space where customers feel informed and supported.

Client Love

"Adam and I both look at the money we spent with you re-branding the company as our best investment. R&R re-branding of Nature's Landscape Services allowed us to change the direction of the company. The branding was a huge part in attracting the ideal client and employee. Prior to the re-branding we had a hard time getting people to understand who we were. Everything from the logo and slogans to the trucks and video have all been a big part in the process of creating a solid brand. "

- Phil Jackson, President, Nature’s Turf