Good old-fashioned snail mail

There are a lot of changes afoot for the United States Postal Service, however I’d be lying if I said that I wouldn’t care if I didn’t receive snail mail anymore. Ok maybe not bills and credit card gimmicks, but a good old-fashioned Hallmark card is worth its weight in postage stamps. In fact, I’ve noticed that a few of our clients lately share my enjoyment with physical mail.

AtlantaBen, the connoisseur of Atlanta real estate, has packaged up his charismatic and fun-loving personality into a pin-sized postcard. Now I know you are probably thinking, wait a second I am all for a greeting card from my dear, sweet grandma, but a post card from my realtor isn’t exactly my type of thing. Well, don’t worry because he isn’t going to spam your inbox or your mailbox for that matter. Instead, the cheerful cards will be used to say hello and let you know that you have a partner in home buying if you need one. You won’t see any pushy sales gimmicks or real estate lingo (ok maybe a word or two), just a fun card that dresses up your refrigerator door.

Sometimes a tangible piece of paper lasts a little longer than an email.  So next time you or your company is searching for a way to say hello or share some news, try a good, old-fashioned card they’re a nice reprieve for your customer’s inbox and brighten up mailboxes.