Is that your final answer?

Did you know that Ugly Betty’s last name is Suarez, or that the airport code for Toronto is YYZ?  Did you know that in Shrek, the Muffin Man lives on Drury Lane? Neither did we until we got sucked into iSpindle’s Super Trivia.  Just recently, we celebrated the launch of iSpindle Inc.’s first round of app releases: iSpindle Ultimate and iSpindle Family. With games from your old-school party favorites (spin the bottle and truth or dare) to challenging trivia on today’s latest music, movies and TV shows, iSpindle offers entertainment for audiences of all ages.

Not only do we have a shiny new app to add to our iPhones (and apparently some killer upcoming parties), Rhyme & Reason Design enjoyed another facet of the project; seeing it develop from the ground up. We had the pleasure of working with the Nerds over at Big Nerd Ranch and sat in on many of the development brainstorming sessions and storyboarding exercises. While the Nerds developed away on the back-end of the application, we went to work shaping a brand that reflects this fun party application. Designing everything from the company logo and application graphics to social media and a supporting website.  Infused with bright colors and fun illustrations, the app’s interface is both engaging and intuitive and compatible with both the iPhone and iPad.

If you’re looking to shape up on your trivia knowledge or spice up your next party, don’t forget to check out iSpindle on the app store. If you hurry, you can upload your stories, photos and videos to their Facebook fan page and win a brand new iPhone or iPad. If you haven’t joined the world of smartphones and just want to view some fun design, visit the website!