Adventures in R&R – Tampa Take 1

Karen, Scarlett and Erin of Rhyme & Reason Design
Karen, Scarlett and Erin of Rhyme & Reason Design

As many of you are aware, Rhyme & Reason Design is one of the many companies that thrive in the virtual office environment.  However, when you combine three friends, a creative business and the flexibility to move around, face-time becomes mandatory.

What occurred on the recent R&R retreat in Tampa ranged from the mundane to the amusing.  Since I don’t want to give away all our secrets, I will only regale you with a few highlights.

Highlight #1: For those of you that don’t know me, I am reliably bad with directions.  Which means that not even the combined powers of Google Maps, an iPhone GPS and a call to Erin could save Karen and I from the painful excursion that took place when we tried to find a coffee shop to satiate our addiction.  Not only did we manage to get lost within a five-mile radius of the apartment, but I was also on the receiving end of a variety of gestures that are not appropriate for print.

Highlight #2: Handing out business cards at an event when you are flying solo means you will usually end up connecting with about 10 to 20 people.  Add a “plus two” to your networking skills and you have what many call a “triple threat”.  In the two days we stormed Tampa, the proliferation of Rhyme & Reason Design business cards, name-dropping and website viewings increased exponentially.  Anyone who dared to walk within arms length of us got an earful, except for the man watching porn in Panera – we want business, just not that kind.

Highlight #3: Combine two little white dogs with three blondes and you get the makings of  “Legally Blonde 3?”   Well, yes Elle Woods could find herself in the advertising/design world trying to conquer miscommunications, but outside of Hollywood, you get Rhyme & Reason Designs’ makeshift Tampa Office.  The “office” may border on chaotic, but lucky for us, that’s when we work best breeding eclectic creativity, charismatic presentations and a few dozen pictures.

Although the pictures may not show it and our stories often depict differently, we are the most productive when our creativity is not constrained and our voices are combined – so take a moment to visit our Facebook profile ( for a glimpse of our R&R adventures and then head over to our Website to see what happens when we combine forces.