Who doesn’t’ want to harness the powers of Facebook?

I mean when you think about it, Facebook is the “golden child” of the social networking arena – continuously amassing a following as broad and diverse as the world itself.  It has become a playground for not only 18 to 20-somethings but, a hub for parents, corporations and businesses to interact and disseminate a wide-range of information.  Which is precisely why Rhyme & Reason Design in partnership with the GIN System decided to harness a bit of Facebook’s  “je nous se qua” for our newest initiative.

Like most new products, the Prospective Student Facebook Recruitment Application, was developed as a solution to a problem.  The problem being, how can universities and colleges better target and interact with the illusive prospective student without spending hand-over-foot on costly direct mail campaigns.  Having, in the not so distant past walked the ivy-clad halls of universities, Rhyme & Reason Design and the GIN System felt that taking up residence on the Internet, would be the best way for colleges and universities to communicate with their future students.  As the social networking addiction of choice for most college students, Facebook offered the perfect address for a successful recruitment program.

Now I could ramble on about how cool, amazing and unique the Prospective Student Facebook Recruitment Application is for hours, but then you all might think that I have A) lost my marbles or B) been drinking too much of my own purple Kool-Aid.  So instead I am going to let you click the link (https://rhymeandreasondesign.com/facebook/) and pass judgment on the application yourself.Picture 1