I’m interested in your business…not you

As a company spearheaded by three women, we have found that our gender, has caused a bit of confusion on the business front. Over the past year, we have successfully launched sites, branded new businesses and created a foothold in social media.  However, we still find that wearing heels, is oftentimes a minefield for potential clients to get past.

While at networking events, you can usually find us chatting up a willing listener about the merits of social media or a cohesive campaign package. Unfortunately, come time to exchange business cards, those ears of the male species we just bent are way more interested in our plans for Friday night than our brilliant branding strategies. Now I realize, I am single and have unabashedly written about picking up a guy with my very own business card, however even Karen with a ring securely placed on her left hand has found that a business conversation can lead to a solo invitation to a soiree.

Which leads me to ask, how can women in business differentiate between “I’m interested in your business, not you” without becoming generalized as ice princesses or worse?

2 Comments on "I’m interested in your business…not you"

  1. Seth Tucker on


    When I meet an attractive woman who does business, I do my best to keep everything professional until she makes a sign that she may be interested. Smiling is not enough to be considered flirting, so if men are still making invitations you should consider your approach. Are you friendly & professional? Are you more casual? Do you tend to flirt without knowing it?

    Some men are just clueless and think a simple “oh, thanks!” is a way to flirt. Don’t worry about them. Talk about your kids (if you have any), or some other thing that you may enjoy specifically because you are single if you feel a man is attempting to make a move. Things like “I love having the flexability to get my work done” is a pretty good indication that you are all about business… and not about him, yet it is polite.

    Just some ideas for you!