Rhyme & Reason’s Wishlist – we’ve been good this year…

Dear Santa,

I think we’ve been really good this year. Now granted I’m biased seeing as I am 1/3 of Rhyme & Reason Design, but really I think we deserve something other than coal in our stockings.  We’ve worked hard to build a company from the ground up and in an economic environment that took quite a beating. Yes there were days where we all wanted to throw up our hands and say enough’s enough, but we found the cheerleaders in each of us and encouraged each other to keep trying. It’s not just our diligence to see our company grow, but also our dedication to do good for not just ourselves but the world.  We’ve given Chinese orphans and Sudanese refugees a little extra hope this year and hope to continue making a difference in the years to come.

With all that said, there are just a few things we were hoping to find under the Christmas tree, in the stockings or near the menorah (I know this isn’t usually your arena, but I figured I would try anyway) this year – if you have the chance and don’t worry there’s a plateful of cookies and milk waiting.

Rhyme & Reason Design’s wishlist:

1)    A graphic design intern – with mad skills, an affinity for coffee shops and resides in Atlanta (and yes we’re serious about this one – so even if you aren’t Santa, let us know)

2)    A TV spot, radio ad, a car wrap or anything else that stretches our creative repertoire

3)     A shiny statue to rest on our mantle – perhaps with the words “Addy”, “Clio” or “Cannes” on it (ok, ok maybe not “Cannes” but, a creative award would be really nice)

4)    Happy clients, new clients, old clients, referred clients – enough to keep us busy and growing for years to come

5)    We don’t want to be greedy but, if you have any office space, vacations or Apple products left over, we’d be happy to help lighten the sack and don’t worry you don’t even have to wrap them.