Just don’t call us “Ms.” or “Mrs.”… Intern rule #1

Who has two thumbs, a couple years of college under her belt and a passion for the advertising world?

Our new intern, Virginia!

That’s right loyal readers we’ve convinced a college student to come hang out with us for the summer.  I’d say we’ve officially made it, what do you think? Ok don’t actually answer that, but seriously we must have something going if Virginia’s agreed to spend three days a week learning the ins and outs of Rhyme & Reason.

Now I could give you my normal run down of life here at R&R and tell you about Virginia and how cool she is, but you’ve heard me ramble enough in the past, so this time, I am going to hand the keyboard over to Virginia and let her take over the post…

Hello! My name is Virginia Dannelly, and I am very excited to be working with Rhyme and Reason this summer. A little about me? I am a rising junior majoring in marketing, and am a graphic design minor. I love chocolate, and when I grow up I want to go into advertising, and be just like Karen and Scarlett!

What drew me to Rhyme and Reason is the way they have design and marketing synced so well (the rhyme and the reason!). With some guidance from Karen and Scarlett I hope to tackle anything they throw my way and maybe learn a few tricks of the trade while we’re at it!

I hope you are as excited as I am to see what we can do in the few weeks I’m working with these wonderful women at Rhyme and Reason!