What Makes a Fan Page Successful?

Customizing a Fan Page can set you and your company, or product apart in the realm of social media. But how do you get customers involved with your product and Fan Page without putting too many bells and whistles on your custom Fan Page?

After spending too many hours on Facebook, creating my own Fan Page and comparing several well-known brand pages, I discovered that there are a few essential elements that make a Fan Page worth liking. Having created my own Fan Page, I found that the generic options available to those individuals who are not adept at writing code are quite similar to your typical personal profile; like a profile picture, a wall, info page, a tab for photos and videos, a links tab and an events tab.

There are so many Fan Pages out there to consider and review that deciding on just one or two to talk about was no easy task. However, I figured I’d look towards the world of carbonated beverages as they are known the world over, plus Coca-Cola is one of the preeminent brands.

Pepsi’s approach is very simple. There is a Pepsi – Cola specific page complete with a custom “Welcome” tab and one to two add-ons.  The other Pepsi products such as Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max have dedicated pages with custom tabs specific to their market and messaging. These other product pages are “liked” by the overarching Pepsi brand page in order to create more brand touch points. Though there is little interaction with the product Fan Page, as far as add-ons and buttons on the sidebar. Their Custom Fan Page is more of a tool to help lead people to their actual website.

Pepsi’s biggest competitor, Coca-Cola has more than 30 sidebar options. My question initially was why do they need so many? I explored a good portion of their buttons (some didn’t work and others were in languages that I do not speak) and for the most part they all include fun pictures, games and links. They have discussion posts that anyone can comment on or even create!

Coca-Cola’s site focuses on building a community where fans can express their undying love for Coke, or even post pictures of them and their loved ones at The World of Coke in Atlanta! Their use of all theses buttons and add-on features creates an environment that customers want to get involved with!

So which is more effective? If you are speaking strictly number of fans then Coca-Cola wins by a landslide! If you want to consider how long the pages have been active, Coca-Cola’s was created in 2008, and Pepsi’s oldest post that can be found is from February 2009. This still suggests that Coca-Cola is more successful in their Social Media endeavors.

Just some food for thought when creating a Custom FanPage!