Remix To Ignition

This week, I’ve decided to camp out with the McKenzies (aka Karen and Ben) in Atlanta. A visit to their abode is always a good time for friends, food and an R&R pow wow. As a virtual office, we often set up shop in coffee houses, conduct meetings via Skype and make great use of Dropbox’s file sharing capabilities. However, there is certainly something to be said about working side-by-side in an office environment.  Well we can check both those items of the list for the next few days.

No, we don’t have our own office space (yet) and I’ve not reclaimed my southern digs (yet), but we’ve parked our laptops in a legit office environment. The location is known as Ignition Alley and it is a collaborative workspace that Karen has been clocking in at for the last few months. The space offers outlets galore, a wide-open workspace, ergonomic chairs and a plethora of creative minds to pick.

As a newbie at the “office” it’s obvious why Karen has decided to give up her coffee shop habit. The businesses that run from the confines of the alley are legit and the conversation overheard runs the gamut from programming code to client dilemmas. In fact, in the last few hours, I heard about several social apps perched to invade the digital marketplace and my guess is that we’ve been privy to all the nitty gritty details of a soon-to-be web phenom.

The collaborative workspace idea isn’t new, but with a prime location near the Virginia Highlands, a $65/month membership plan and a friendly-environment I’d say this Ignition is going to be better than the remix.

Okay time to get back to work, Karen and I have some brainstorming to do.