Five Ways to Make Your Photo Library Last Longer

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are your brand’s photos saying on your behalf?

Photos are used as a visual representation of your brand, your community, and your product. But more often than not, hiring a professional photographer to build a photo library is seen as another line item on the expense list, rather than an investment in your brand. Here are a few tips to stretch your photoshoot library so it lasts for years.

Where Are You Going?

Oftentimes, when considering a professional photoshoot there is so much focus on accurately representing the brand in its current state, and rightly so! After all, you’ve come a long way to get this far. That said, there is still an opportunity to showcase the direction your brand is headed.

Take a moment to review your company’s strategic plan and consider how that might translate into photography. Are there current programs in the works that may not be public yet, but once they are, you’ll be busting out the confetti? Think about how you can represent that vision now then once you launch your big project, your audience will have already bought into the idea because you’ve already shown them who you are.

Wardrobe Check!

Have you ever searched for a photo to post for the holidays but everyone is in short sleeves? The worst! If you’re taking the time to photograph your team for more than just headshots, make the most out of it by planning a few outfit changes – for all seasons! It may be 85 and sunny out, but if you’re taking photos indoors, pop on a sweater and save that post for when you need some content come wintertime.

Tip: If you’re looking for longevity, reach for your tried-and-true garments that make you feel your absolute best. Most likely, if they’ve served you well for years, they’re styles that move slower on the trend cycle and won’t look dated after a few years’ time.

Tag, You’re It!

Okay, now you have your beautiful new photo library, but how do you keep track of what’s been posted where? If your marketing department is a one-(wo)man show, using the tags feature in Apple’s Finder or on Windows may be the right solution for you. If you have more players in the game and multiple people need to keep track of usage, consider a digital asset management system. No one solution will be the right fit for everyone, but figuring out early on what works best for you and your team will ensure the best use of your library.

Save Now, Post Later

It may be tempting to dive into your beautiful new photo library and post, post, post! Take it from me, you’ll use up those photos faster than you think if you don’t put a little strategy behind it. Really consider what you want to say today as well as what’s coming up on the horizon, and know you’ll be armed with professionally created content for the long haul. This reservation of photos brings a lot of opportunities, such as refreshing your print pieces or stepping up your social media game, both right now and down the road.

Kill Two Projects with One Stone

If your audience is made up of multiple demographics, there is a very good chance they are not all experiencing your brand in the same way. Strategize and duplicate photo-use where you know there is very little overlap. For example, if you’re needing photo content for a print piece, there’s a very good chance that your print audience is not the same as those viewing your Instagram stories. A few weeks or months down the line, you can now consider that photo fair game to post on Instagram.

A library of quality photos can be invaluable. From social media, to print pieces, and everything in-between, your photo assets are what speak the loudest when representing your brand. And when done thoughtfully and strategically, a single photoshoot can be leveraged for years to come.