R&Rs New Digs

If you have been a loyal fan, follower, reader, client, friend or family member of the Rhyme & Reason Design team, you have no doubt heard the news of our new digs. For those of you who do not see our Facebook posts on a regular basis, let me catch you up to speed. For the last 4+ years (this is our 5th year!), we have been working out of coffee shops (we <3 Panera), and co-working spaces (RIP Ignition Alley). At long last, we made the decision to find a little home of our own.

Renting your first office space is kind of a big deal. Think about how many hours a day you spend working – for us it’s a lot. Which means we had to find a place that would make us happy for the long haul (or at least 12 months).

Karen asked our #1 fan AtlantaBen to offer some insight into the real estate market. We wanted to stay in the Virginia-Highlands/Inman Park Neighborhood, and needed lots of natural light to keep our spirits high and our creativity flowing. Lastly, it needed to reflect our brand personality. I know that’s probably the hardest one of all to find and to understand. But essentially, we were looking for a space that meshed with our messaging.

It took some searching and a few wrong turns before we found our home, but when we did discover the space in Poncey-Highlands, it was like finding the peanut butter to our jelly, the chips to our salsa – you get the picture. Now of course we wanted everyone to see our new digs, but we also wanted to breathe some R&R into the rooms before debuting it for all of Facebook to see.

After, countless trips to Ikea and searching on Etsy, we completed the space. We figured there’s no better way to celebrate than with an office-warming party. With an office five years in the making, we couldn’t just host a regular ol’ office-warming party – we had to go big. We hosted a Tres-de-Mayo Office Warming complete with mustached marshmallow men cupcakes from LoLo’s Cupcakes and some mmm mmm good margaritas. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Well take a look at some of the snapshots of the party and let us know when you’ll be by for a visit!