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Karen is an artist, her tools include a keyboard, a mouse and a paintbrush (the digital kind of course). Discover her insights into the tricks of the trade.

Meet Karen!

Hi all! I’m Karen McKenzie and I’m lucky enough to be both the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Rhyme & Reason Design. As a graduate of the University of Florida’s Graphic Design program, I learned to perfect the Gator Chomp while honing my design skills and have worked diligently over the last (almost) decade with […]

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Meet David!

Hello, my name is David. I’m an illustrator and designer from Ruston, Louisiana, and I’m excited to be joining the Rhyme and Reason team! I’ve worked in marketing and advertising (and I was a barista for a bit), but my true love has always been branding — so I’m excited to have the opportunity to […]

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Sochi 2014 by the Numbers

There are many things we love at R&R, but infographics have to be near the top of the list! Combine that with our passion for winter sports and it is a perfect storm of design fun. Since the world is glued to their television screens watching heroes emerge in Sochi, we decided to get in […]

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ATL Brands We Love

Atlanta is home to several globally iconic brands. Topping the list are the likes of Coca-Cola, Delta, UPS and Home Depot. However, these marketing-budget giants don’t keep others from competing for a piece of the pie. Here’s a snapshot of some of our favorite ATL startups. These grassroots companies have all developed beautiful, concise, intuitive […]

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Rain, Rain Go Away

If you’ve tried to set foot outside in the last 6 months, you have inevitably noticed that our once dry and drought-ridden Atlanta has turned into a temperate rainforest. As I write this, I can hear the rumbling of thunder and the steady fall of raindrops outside our windows. While I’d much rather be basking […]

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