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Karen is an artist, her tools include a keyboard, a mouse and a paintbrush (the digital kind of course). Discover her insights into the tricks of the trade.

Sochi 2014 by the Numbers

There are many things we love at R&R, but infographics have to be near the top of the list! Combine that with our passion for winter sports and it is a perfect storm of design fun. Since the world is glued to their television screens watching heroes emerge in Sochi, we decided to get in […]

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ATL Brands We Love

Atlanta is home to several globally iconic brands. Topping the list are the likes of Coca-Cola, Delta, UPS and Home Depot. However, these marketing-budget giants don’t keep others from competing for a piece of the pie. Here’s a snapshot of some of our favorite ATL startups. These grassroots companies have all developed beautiful, concise, intuitive […]

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Rain, Rain Go Away

If you’ve tried to set foot outside in the last 6 months, you have inevitably noticed that our once dry and drought-ridden Atlanta has turned into a temperate rainforest. As I write this, I can hear the rumbling of thunder and the steady fall of raindrops outside our windows. While I’d much rather be basking […]

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