Ready or not here it comes, Facebook Timeline for Fan Pages

On March 30, roughly two weeks away, Facebook will move your business page to the new timeline layout whether you like it or not. From the looks of it, the articles read and the activity levels it appears that the timeline is good for business. But, why is that? Well for starters, those companies that have timeline already, namely the big brands with even bigger budgets have created campaigns utilizing the new premium products that family with the new timelines. However, it goes beyond the complementary ad campaigns to a well-planned strategy that includes arresting imagery and engaging content.

Big brands like Ben & Jerry’s and Coca-Cola may have had a leg up on the competition knowing that they would be the elite brands to introduce timeline. However, they did their homework and took the time to document every important milestone from the day they were founded to today. Facebook milestones are large featured images like the one below that spans the full timeline wall showcasing the important events in company’s history.

Ben & Jerry

Pin Posts or Highlight
Beyond promoting historic milestones, companies have the ability to “Pin Posts” or “Highlight” posts to differentiate the content from the rest of the conversations occurring on the wall of a business page.

“Pin Post” means that a page’s admin can choose one post to feature at the top left corner of the timeline for one week. This post will remain where it is (front and center) no matter how many posts you publish during the seven days.  Notice the little gold ribbon at the top of the post below that denotes the “Pin”. Pinned posts hold a great deal of weight so use the space wisely.


Highlighted posts can be found throughout a business timeline. Similar to a milestone, these highlighted posts receive the same amount of geographic space, but don’t carry the same historical references. Instead they are simply fun call outs for happenings, events and opportunities.

Red Bull Highlighted Post

Cover Image
The cover image is the prime piece of real estate located at the very top of your brand page. Your profile image merely a square within the 851 x 315 pixels of pure advertising beauty. This space has incredible potential. It can instantly engage fans, promote your business and share a wealth of information. However, it cannot be used for call to action messages, arrows pointing at the “Like” or “Share” buttons or for contact information. Fret not business friend, even with the red tape a cover image can be the difference between simply a good timeline and a great timeline.

Fanta Cover Photo with seamless profile photo integration

Custom Application Thumbnail Images
The application icons located below the cover image are now customizable and the ideas are endless. Use the 12 slots to promote campaigns or as seamless brand call to action opportunities. Focus on the potential strategies and feel free to change things up with new call outs to keep the information fresh and your fans interested.

Coca Cola Tab Iconography

Create your Custom Timeline Package Today!
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*The above examples were not designed by Rhyme & Reason Design, they were used as examples of companies who were initially aware of the timeline design changes and needs.