A method and a site devoted to understanding how your body moves

Have you ever heard of Moshe Feldenkrais or his Feldenkrais Method for centering your body, addressing pain and expanding fluidity in movement? It’s okay if you haven’t. We only recently were introduced to the method in January and since then have been working to perfect our pronunciation of the word (it rhymes with rice).

We owe our newfound knowledge and interest in understanding the way our bodies move to Joyce Gudger, the Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practioner who enlisted our help to craft a website that evokes a calm, peaceful vibe. Beyond the visual appearance, the site had to be built with a content management system and cost less than a pretty penny. A fairly tall order for a tight budget, but we were up for the challenge.

To begin, we offered Joyce the option of a customized template as opposed to a fully customized site. This solution allows those with budgetary constraints the opportunity to essentially have their cake and eat it too. For customized template projects, we don’t create a website from scratch, instead we do our research about a company and then venture out to find a previously designed template theme that can be modified to achieve required site goals and mirror branding. Joyce was very happy with the idea of a customized template as it provided her the opportunity to not only partner with R&R but, it meant her site would not be a financial strain and would launch in less time.

Once we found the perfect theme for Joyce’s site, we molded the template to fit her needs. For starters, she wanted to create the connection between nature and the human body, so imagery and colors needed to express that natural, organic state.  Font and graphic colors are shades of green and brown and one impactful image of a large tree is carried throughout the design. Because the site was modified from it’s original state, custom programming was also necessary in ensuring the site functioned soundly and specifically for Joyce.

The site recently launched and although its original state was a pre-packaged theme, it has very few remnants that suggest it was a template. To learn more about the Feldenkrais Method, find relaxation or to enjoy the uniqueness of a customized template, visit www.joycegudger.com.

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