Death and Taxes

What’s that saying about death and taxes? Oh yeah, they’re both inevitable. Well, it appears that the taxes part is upon us, and not just the kind that we need to file.  This past Friday, we launched a website for Garris and Company, a Certified Public Accounting firm in Charlottesville, VA.

Garris and Company has been successfully assisting companies and individuals with their accounting needs for the past 28 years. In so doing, they’ve had the opportunity to grow their network outside of the Charlottesville area and are looking to expand their reach even further in the coming years. As we all know, finding a good accountant is not an easy task and it often involves word-of-mouth recommendations and/or an in-depth Google search.  Garris and Company, understanding the importance of both, came to us for assistance in creating a website that would bode well in a Google search and pass the word-of-mouth challenge with flying colors. We of course, were happy to offer our services in the design and development portion, but are leaving the word-of-mouth part up to their extremely satisfied clients.

The website,, is instantly inviting with a modern and active home page. The initial slideshow offers visitors the chance to easily learn more about the services offered, while a Recent Blog RSS feed appears on the left hand side of the page and will populate anytime a new blog is added. Easy, one-click buttons assist visitors in requesting quotes, sharing files and uncovering Garris and Company on a variety of social media sites.

Beyond the home page, the site is chock full of useful information that helps visitors not only understand their accounting needs, but personally connect with a CPA or bookkeeper of their choice. Visitors can choose to email an employee directly for assistance or use any one of the resource links provided to make financial matters less stressful. As you browse the site, beyond the clean, welcoming aesthetic, you’ll notice that there is a plethora of facts and information, written in terms that non-accountants can understand. It is this knowledge sharing and core belief of educating their clients that has made Garris and Company one of the first firms to be discussed among peers and what will also increase its presence on the web.

Taxes are inevitable, so take our word and visit