R&R predicts 2012

We are a little infatuated with the number 12. Perhaps it has something to do with the time of year, there are 12 days of Christmas, we count down to 12am on 31st day of the 12 month and we just rang in the 12th year of the 21st century. So in honor of the hot little number, we’ve decided to share with you our 12 predictions for 2012. Don’t worry they have nothing to do with the Mayan, Mesoamerican Long Count calendar.

  1. Rhyme & Reason Design’s website will launch anew – iPhones and iPads rejoice.
  2. Facebook, King of the Social Media mountain, goes public – a plethora of status updates ensue.
  3. Google’s search optimization algorithm forces users to visit the ghost town that is Google+
  4. The 2012 United States Presidential Election becomes a breeding ground for viral videos, SNL parodies, rogue tweets and many more pop cultural gaffes
  5. Pinterest increases the craftiness of females around the globe
  6. Rhyme & Reason Design wins several new clients, enabling us to hire new employees thus kick-starting the cycle of growth
  7. Big Nerd Ranch is first to trend #(an)droiding, BigDroidRanch becomes a cult following
  8. Moffitt Cancer Center will unveil a robust digital presence bringing them closer to their patients and closer to a cure
  9. Alpha Sigma Alpha will celebrate their 47th biennial national convention with a return to their founding state of Virginia – ladybugs will be everywhere
  10. Cookbook Create socializes the cookbook, Garris and Company mitigates the fear of tax season and Taste of Florida mixes up a good time, in other words Rhyme & Reason Design’s clients hit it big in 2012
  11. Steve Jobs left a legacy; perhaps it’s the iPhone 5
  12. Rhyme & Reason Design will celebrate it’s fourth birthday with new clients, current clients, friends, family and maybe even some bubbly.