O’Daniel McDonald, a legal minded site

I love hearing from the lawyers of O’Daniel McDonald, LLC. No, that’s not sarcasm. I’m actually serious. Keith, Clay, Graham and Sheldon comprise the legal minds of the O’Daniel McDonald law firm and these four gentlemen give lawyers a good name. We started working with the team a few months ago when Graham gave us a ring desperately seeking help transforming their old website. It wasn’t that the site was completely outdated or even broken; it just wasn’t conveying the right message. As a boutique law firm located in Sandy Springs, a community just outside Atlanta, O’Daniel McDonald serves both large corporate clients as well as small, local businesses. They balance 30 years of combined legal experience with staunch advocacy and a personalized approach, providing efficient and practical solutions to their client base. It was this flexibility, professionalism and extensive knowledge that they wanted to reflect in their website.

In addition to clarifying the message and updating the visual aesthetic, the client also wanted the site to optimally display across devices, from laptop to mobile phone. This type of functionality is known as mobile responsive or responsive design, and it takes things one-step past basic mobile compatibility. A site that is mobile responsive will display in full screen on a desktop and then automatically adjust to fit any display size small or large without compromising readability or usability. So, essentially you won’t have to squint your eyes to view a site on your mobile device, because the design will adjust to a proper viewing size for your particular screen. Brilliant right?!

With a responsive, flexible theme in hand, the last step was the home page slideshow content. After pinpointing the core messaging for this space, the most time intensive part of the project was finding the perfect accompanying visuals. You would have thought we were looking for a needle in a haystack! Fortunately, we persevered, and the resulting photos ended up being a fantastic representation of the business: one taken in-house by our O’Daniel McDonald friends, one provided by a local Atlanta photographer, Terence S. Jones and the final one provided by the City of Sandy Springs – a truly perfect blend of local community, big city and personal service.

Interested in seeing the banners and learning more about the four gentlemen who give lawyers a good name? Check them out on your laptop, phone or tablet.