Rhyme, Reason & Philanthropy

When we first opened our virtual doors, philanthropy was a big mission within our fledgling company. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity (and honor) to work with a number of charitable organizations including Mother’s Heart, Fulaa Lifeline International and I Matter Too. While we often find ourselves getting caught up in work for our for-profit clients, it’s always nice to get back to our roots and provide pro bono services to benefit groups accomplishing amazing things both overseas and in our backyard.

At the beginning of the year, aligning with one of our annual goals, we began working with three charitable organizations that we felt were a great fit for our services and core values. If you follow the blog, you will have already learned about our work with Back on My Feet, which enables those in the homeless community, through running, to build confidence and self-sufficiency. For our second philanthropic project, we partnered with Healing Grace Arab World Ministries, an extraordinary organization with a mission to transform the poor and oppressed children of the Arab world through physical, educational and emotional development while sharing the love and knowledge of the Christian faith. Operating mostly in Egypt, this group helps those in the poorest of conditions survive and thrive amidst religious and political turmoil. How could we turn down such a cause!?

Very honored by the request, we designed a business system based around their existing brand including business cards, note cards and letterhead. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and hope the business system further galvanizes the reach of the organization. While we love taking these opportunities to show off our work (see below! ☺), we also encourage our entire readership to visit the Healing Grace website and learn a little more about their work. They’re doing amazing things!


Still to come, we’ve been working with one of our favorite non-profits, Mother’s Heart, as they embark on a new chapter in Nepal.